Introducing Our Legal Packages


We’re proud to be introducing a new approach to dealing with the legal requirements of setting up and running a business in Malta. 

Our innovative legal packages are an all-inclusive solution that has all the critical legal services you need to launch a creative and digital enterprise.

Every package comes with affordable and transparent flat fees that provide business owners with enhanced cost-certainty during the early stages of their business.

Business Setup

Shaw Legal helps you find the best approach to form a business entity and advise you every step of the way until your new company is up and running.

Choosing the right business entity provides the foundation for any business as this decision will affect anything from the ownership structure, decision-making, recruitment and HR matters, financing of the business, as well as tax implications. Our lawyers will help you find the best approach for company formation and assist you with all the requirements of the registration process.


How it works

Our clients schedule an initial call to discuss their business idea and determine what is needed to set up the company in the best way possible.

We will then quote you a flat fee and provide you with a timeline for company registration with MFSA. The cost and registration schedule will be quoted on a case-by-case basis as it is dependent on several factors such as the complexity of the business, the industry, and how many individuals are involved, among other things.

Shaw Legal will advise you on the entity to choose (whether to go for a limited liability company, a partnership, or a sole trader set up), discuss operation and financial considerations, as well as the appropriate governance structure (board of directors and managers) to streamline decision-making and avoid conflict.

Naturally, the advice provided will be tailored to the client’s business requirements and whether they are involved in an industry that is regulated by the MFSA.


Good contracts are central to any business as they help to set the terms of the business deal and help to control outcomes. A contract should represent a mutual agreement between parties – all parties win when everyone understands what they’re signing up for.

Our package helps empower company owners by clarifying their legal position in a business relationship

How it works

The process begins when clients schedule a call to discuss their legal needs and contracts that their business might require. Our lawyers will walk you through all the requirements and quote a flat fee and a timeline for completion.

We will draft the contract(s) required in a template format so that you may use and quickly adapt the same paperwork for different agreements with different parties. All our contract drafts include copious annotations and notes to ensure that the parties get more value out of them by being able to understand the various sections and language.

If a client requires a specific contract to be negotiated with a counter-party, this would also be included in the package price.


Brand Protection

This package gives you all you need to safeguard your brand’s intellectual property and build intrinsic value for your business.

Our package helps empower company owners by clarifying their legal position in a business relationship

How it works

The rate for this package includes everything to protect your trademark by registering it legally. The process kicks off by scheduling an initial meeting call to discuss brand strategy and requirements. We will quote you a flat fee and a timeline for completing the work specified.

Our legal team will carry out a trademark search to verify whether the particular name or similar name is registered and give advice on the particular name chosen based on the search. We will advise you on the most suitable class or classes under which the trademark may be registered, as well as assistance with filing a new application. Please note that additional fees apply when registering under more than one class.

The filing fee with the Malta Commerce Department, EUIPO or the International Register will be paid separately. In the event of rejection or opposition to the trademark, our team can challenge the claim on your behalf upon a further fee negotiated with the client. If litigation is required, our team will work with the client to secure appropriate legal representation.


Learn more about our tailored legal packages.

Contract Package

Create contracts that make an impact  and give you the tools to safely grow your business.

Brand Protection Package

Protect your brand and creative work, while you stand out from the crowd.

Legal Subscription

Add legal expertise to your  business with a Legal Subscription.

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