What Is A Legal Subscription?


While almost every other aspect of running a business has shifted online, there’s a glaring exception that seems to refuse to let go of traditional practices just yet.

Legal services still tend to be desk- and paper-bound, forcing business owners who can easily manage companies online to spend time in waiting rooms, printing paperwork, and doing tasks they could conveniently perform at home or the office.

Shaw Legal is changing all that

We’re very excited to be launching a legal subscription service that provides clients who own a Maltese business with personalised legal support at a fixed rate. All our legal services can be offered online through digital channels, which means you get to dedicate more time to growing your brand while protecting it from legal issues.

As an active subscriber, you’ll benefit from a reduced fixed rate, paid in monthly or longer billing cycles, and receive personalised legal advice about any aspect of your business at a fraction of typical costs.


What’s included in your legal subscription

Unlimited phone calls 

Subscribers get unlimited phone calls to discuss routine or newly-developing matters of a legal nature about their business. Phone calls must be scheduled through the online system.

Unlimited legal reviews 

Subscribers also benefit from unlimited document reviews of documents.

We will provide you with a summary of any legal issues or concerns about the document. Any revisions, alterations, and re-drafts of the document shall be at a rate agreed upon with the client.

Access to appropriate legal representation

Should a matter escalate to the point that legal action is necessary, Shaw Legal will work with its clients to secure the right type of legal assistance for them to have their case heard and fairly represented in the appropriate setting.

Manage your subscription according to your needs

A legal subscription can be cancelled at any time and refunds for unused periods may be given solely at the discretion of Shaw Legal. Additional discounts are also available for clients who purchase subscriptions on a quarterly or annual billing cycle.


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Legal Subscription

Add legal expertise to your  business with a Legal Subscription.

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