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Breaking Away From Tradition

Shaw Legal flips the script by ditching the old model in favour of simple, fair and transparent flat fees, which are more feasible for startups and creators still establishing themselves on the scene.

Besides cost certainty, by focusing on the automation of services, we can be more efficient and focus on bringing value to our clients. Our packages deliver exactly what creatives, startups, SMEs, and online entrepreneurs need to grow their business.

Legal Packages

Our legal packages include all the services that are needed by businesses and entrepreneurs at every stage of their business’ development.

You can use each package in sequence, whenever the need arises, to take your idea from setup to trademark to drafting a contract for your first client.

Alternatively, pick whichever package you require most at the current juncture and we’ll provide you with everything you need to meet your requirements. Our packages offer a transparent and fixed fee structure, so you’ll always know the costs involved and can plan ahead with confidence.

Choose your legal package

Business setup.

Take the first step by choosing the right business entity for your needs.

Brand protection.  

Protect your brand and build intrinsic value for your business.

Contract drafting.

Set the terms of your deals and take control of your legal position.

Legal Subscription

The subscription service is offered at a flat fee every month that small business owners can afford.

This provides a basis for cost-certainty, as well as the knowledge of having a lawyer always by your side to ensure that legal issues are solved before they become a problem.

We also offer custom legal services at fixed rates that are designed to enable business owners and entrepreneurs to be more proactive in managing the legal implications of their business with respect to their customers.

How a subscription works


As a subscribed member you always have access to a lawyer. You can schedule a call at any time through our online system.


We like keeping things simple and effortless, that’s why you can submit legal documents digitally for review.


A subscription package gives you unlimited calls and document reviews. Custom legal services are quoted separately at a fixed fee.

Don’t Settle For Less

Our Consulting Services

Business Setup Package

Set up your business on a solid foundation to grow your idea.

Contract Package

Create contracts that make an impact  and give you the tools to safely grow your business.

Brand Protection Package

Protect your brand and creative work, while you stand out from the crowd. 

Legal Subscription

Add legal expertise to your business with a Legal Subscription that renews monthly.

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