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The Brand Protection Package helps you stand out from the crowd


What’s in the Brand Protection Package

The Brand Protection Package gives you all the following features for a flat fee.

one-to-one legal Consultation

Review and understand your brand strategy

Trademark Reserach

Trademark searches

Trademark Application

Advice on preparation and submitssion


Advice on protecting your brand

Protecting your brand

Your Brand Is Your Most Valuable Asset

Defeat copycats, claim your creative rights, win customers’ loyalty!

Protecting a brand or trademark is essential for creative and digital professionals. Your clients /fans/nanna will recognise your work thanks to your name, logo, and other designs that distinguish you from everybody else in the market. These assets are an integral part of your identity as a professional and provide tons of value for your business, so they’re worth protecting through legal means.

If you don’t protect your trademark or brand by registering it, then you might find yourself unable to expand your business when a competitor who uses a similar name or design legally blocks you from promoting your work. Just imagine how awful and frustrating it would be!

With the Brand Protection Package, you get a range of flat-fee services designed to assist your business to protect its trademarks. From trademark searches and registration to cease-and-desist letters and trademark monitoring, this package helps you keep your brand safe from clones and impostors.

Making it official

Register A Trademark In Malta & Overseas

Plant your flag anywhere you want to do business

Sharing your ideas and work with the rest of the world inevitably exposes them to the risk of getting copied or stolen.

It’s a hard truth which every creative professional must face when doing business. Luckily, there are legal methods to protect your intellectual property from unauthorised use, whether it’s a physical or digital product.

The Brand Protection Package offers an all-in-one legal solution for people who want to promote their brand names, logos, designs, and other original creations.

Secure your creative assets, and get peace of mind, for a flat fee that includes the following essential brand protection services:


  • One-to-one legal consultation to review and understand your brand strategy
  • Trademark searches*
  • Advice on preparing and submitting a new trademark application**
* If a trademark happens to be rejected or opposed, you may opt to challenge the decision and negotiate further at a further flat fee. The choice is yours.

** The filing fee is quoted separately and varies depending on the number of classes under which the trademark will be registered as well as whether it’s going to be registered in Malta, the EU, or internationally.

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