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Set up your creative business


The Business Setup Package gives you a solid foundation to grow your idea.


What’s in the Business Setup Package

The following is included in the package for a fixed fee.

Select your business entity

Narrow down whether your business qualifies as a limited liability company, partnership or sole trader

Register your company

We’ll handle every step of company registration with the MFSA, from beginning to end


Bookkeeping and filing of records (via our trusted accounting partners)


Advice on business operation and maintenance for professionals

Setting Up

It all starts by choosing your business type

Don’t let legal hurdles get in the way of your awesome ideas

For many start-ups and creative businesses, the decision to choose an entity under which to carry out their business marks the moment they “turn pro”. It’s a significant milestone in your journey to turning a passion into a lifelong career, and I’m here to help you navigate this transition smoothly.

My job is to help implement the best approach to form a business entity for your creative work, and advise you every step of the way until your new company is registered with the MFSA (and even after that if you like!)

Setting up the correct entity is essential to start your business on the right foot as this decision affects anything from ownership structure and decision-making powers among stakeholders; the hiring and firing of employees, and other HR matters; as well as financing of the business and tax implications.

That’s a lot of stuff to wrap your head around. which is why I developed a Business Setup Package that makes company formation a piece of cake for Maltese creatives.

Setting up

Which company type should you choose?

It all starts with choosing the right business entity.

Your mind is probably racing with ideas to grow your creative venture and take the world by the storm. But wait, should you register for a company now or later? Are there any other benefits to owning an Ltd company besides spicing up your business card?

The truth is that choosing a business entity depends on your requirements and how you expect them to change as your company develops over time. It’s less complicated than it sounds, and if you want to hop on a call with me, I’ll happily explain all the practical differences and benefits between company types.

Before selecting a business entity, you should take into consideration: 

  • the number of owners present
  • the complexity of your business
  • financial and other tax considerations

Many creative professionals in Malta start out doing business as sole traders or in a partnership with a colleague. However, there are several benefits of setting up a limited liability company (Ltd) such as liability protection, tax benefits, more credibility when dealing with clients, applying for state funds and tenders, and having a legal structure that regulates the relationship between founders and shareholders.


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