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contracts that make an impact

The Contract Package gives you the tools to grow your business


Legal contracts for people like you and me

The Contract Package gives you all the following features for a flat fee.

The rate for this package also includes the negotiation of individual contracts for your business.

Easy to read

Easy-to-read contracts with minimum legal jargon


Plenty of annotations to help you understand every section


Contract templates can be adapted to different transactions


Advice for professionals

Setting Up

A contract is like a printed handshake

Put down your terms in black and white

Good contracts are central to any business. They help to set the terms of the business deal and help to control outcomes. Contracts represent a mutual agreement between you and your clients. When everyone involved understands and accepts what they’re signing up for, then everybody feels like a winner.

The Contract Package helps company owners find an agreement which is specifically adapted to their business. Having watertight legal paperwork empowers creators by strengthening their position when negotiating; it can also be a powerful tool to cultivate long-lasting professional relationships.

Setting up

Contracts that help your  business thrive

We’ll make those papers “work” for you

My focus is on drafting legal contracts that small business and entrepreneurs will use in their day-to-day business. Whenever a client signs on the dotted line—finally!—it always feels like a party, but handing them a contract which has been printed off the internet is unlikely to give the result you want.

Contracts found online for free are usually written for a different legal environment and may not follow the same rules and terminology we use in Malta. If that wasn’t enough to raise suspicion among clients, many “free online contracts” haven’t been proof-read and can contain typos or other embarrassing mistakes.

Definitely not the kind impression you want to make!

The Contract Packages offers creators a wide range of standard contracts they can choose from; all carefully drafted by a qualified lawyer and updated regularly to reflect the latest legal developments in your industry.

Members get access to ready-to-use contracts for:

  • Independent contractor agreements
  • Licensing agreements
  • Privacy policy
  • Terms of service
  • Terms of use
  • End-user licence agreements
  • Software agreements
  • Consultancy agreements
  • E-commerce agreements
  • Sales/purchase agreements
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Employment contracts

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Introducing our legal packages

Our innovative legal packages are an all-inclusive solution that has all the critical legal services you need to launch a creative and digital enterprise. Every package comes with affordable and transparent flat fees that provide business owners with enhanced cost-certainty during the early stages of their business.

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